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Paphos, Markideio Theatre, 20:00



Limassol, Pattihio Theatre, 19:30

Swan Lake

Grand International Classical Ballet

Atria Music and Grand International Classical Ballet present the Swan Lake Classical Ballet in Cyprus!

Swan Lake ballet

First version by P. Tchaikovsky in 1877.

Swan Lake, the most famous ballet in the world, is a perfect creation of world art. For the first time in Cyprus, the international troupe Grand International Classic Ballet under the direction of Sergei Bobrov will present “Swan Lake” in an original production based on the first version of Pyotr Tchaikovsky himself.

Grand International Classic Ballet is a constellation of first-class artists from England, Italy, France and Spain, who have already conquered half the world with their art. Sergei Bobrov is one of the best students of the outstanding choreographer Yuri Grigorovich. After a brilliant dance career, Bobrov has been impressing audiences for 20 years with his extraordinary ballets, which have won many awards.

In his production of Swan Lake, he turns to the original score, thereby preserving all the meanings underlying the musical dramaturgy of the ballet. Viewers will have a unique chance to touch the original source - the libretto of Pyotr Tchaikovsky!

This is both a tribute to the genius of Tchaikovsky and at the same time a fascinating ballet experiment. Weightless white swans are the hallmark of this ballet, and the impressive innovative appearance on stage of a flock of black swans dramatically personifies the struggle between light and darkness, love and betrayal.

The premiere of Swan Lake, the pearl of classical ballet, took place on March 4, 1877 at the Bolshoi Theater. This ballet classic has been delighting adults and children around the world for almost a century and a half. Tchaikovsky's libretto is based on the tale of Museus, which tells about a knight who meets a fairy, the queen of swans, on a lake. She lives happily in her magical bird form, but sudden love and the desire to connect fate with a person lead to tragedy, because these two principles cannot be united.

Choreographer Sergei Bobrov returns Swan Lake to its original meaning as a romantic ballet. Odette is a fairy, the same as Sylphide, Giselle, Ondine, and therefore her feelings are unearthly. It was this topic that Pyotr Tchaikovsky was passionate about; he absolutely loved “Giselle” and chivalric novels.

On the path to happiness, the Prince and Odette face obstacles and trials that they must overcome. The amazingly honed skills of the soloists and the amazing synchronicity of the corps de ballet are complemented by the dramatic talent of each performer, making the audience worry about the lovers.

Highly artistic decorations complement the picture, either creating the illusion of being in a medieval castle, or transporting the viewer to the shores of a fabulous lake. The new edition introduces the viewer to the amazing characters historically embedded in the first edition - from black swans and the evil fairy Owl to fairy swans as symbols of freedom.

The grace and impeccable professionalism of the dancers enliven the characters put into each ballet step by the composer and choreographer.

This reverent story, performed so delightfully, makes it possible to believe in magic and eternal love!

See you soon at the theatre!


Children under 12 years old have a 30% discount.



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