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Limassol, Pattihio Theatre, 15:00



Limassol, Pattihio Theatre, 19:00





Paphos, Markideio Theatre, 19:00

Cinderella ballet
Grand International Classic Ballet

ATRIA MUSIC presents the legendary ballet "Cinderella" performed by the famous international ballet troupe "Grand International Classic Ballet". ‎

We invite you to an amazing ‎journey into a fairytale story of love, ‎dream and magic that makes hearts ‎beat faster.‎

Immerse yourself in the world of magic and grace with the classical ballet "Cinderella"!‎

The famous international troupe "Grand International Classic Ballet" with the best ballet dancers from Italy, France, England, Spain and other countries will show you their unparalleled skill and passion on stage.

‎Cinderella is a ballet by the brilliant Sergei Prokofiev based on the plot of the eponymous fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Choreography by Sergei Bobrov.‎

The legendary fairy-tale ballet "Cinderella" for adults and children is an emotional masterpiece that comes to life on stage with magnificent choreography, amazing costumes, wonderful music and bright spectacular 3D video scenery. ‎

The brilliant talented dancers of the Grand International Classic Ballet will present you with a vivid and unforgettable version of this classic story. They perfectly represent every emotion, every movement and every note of the music, immersing you in deep empathy and admiration! ‎

‎“Cinderella” is a fairy tale ballet for the whole family - it has an amazing power, it is bright, ‎sparkling and incredibly magical, just like a real good fairy tale should be, ‎where justice will surely triumph, and goodness will be rewarded.‎

The ballet "Cinderella", written by Sergei Prokofiev in the tradition of the old classical ballet, will please with an abundance of lyrical waltzes and spectacular numbers. ‎

Magnificent costumes, stunning bright modern video content, ingenious music, the atmosphere of a fairy tale and a holiday. ‎

Children gain faith in miracles, and adults become children again for a couple of hours. Even knowing that everything will end well, with bated breath they count 12 strokes of the clock on the royal tower.


Do not miss the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure with the fabulous ballet "Cinderella"! ‎


Come with the whole family and let yourself feel the magic that is present at every step. Witness the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary and discover how the power of a dream can change destiny! ‎



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